Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Anna

Above is the brown/blue dot set (burpcloth and bib) that I told you about that I already have made up.
(Above)These are a couple of the "girl" fabrics I have that I can make girl burpcloth/bib sets out of.
So let me know if you like these or want to see some more.

Above is the aqua set that is girly....it doesn't have bib but the diaper/wipes case.....I know you liked burpcloths and bibs but thought I'd just show you this one too. I currently don't have any of this fabric right now, so you could have this set but again it is the case and not a bib.
this is the other boy set I have made I was trying to describe the pattern.....Sweet I think, but boy colors! I think this picture is with a wipes case but I have a set with a bib as well!

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